Before I heard “we have to talk,” from my now ex-husband, my friends (single and divorced) and I viewed divorce as a contact sport, rooting for team Missy.

After the big D happened to me, I found myself walking an emotional tight rope with fish nets as my only means of support.  In this “forget about it” society we live in, a lot of us see divorce as drama and lived vicariously watching Dateline which usually does not involve dating, but the death of a current or former spouse.

Unless you were a housewife from Hell or a Kardashian, you will not be baring your soul on morning talk shows or wearing your birthday suit between the covers of some magazine.  If you’re not careful, you’ll get hooked on “Deadly Women,” or worse be interviewed from a jail cell where you’re doing life for ending your ex’s.

A boomer needs humor to deal with the horror or hooray of a division of assets. If you look hard enough you’ll find the funny in all the chaos and foibles during your transition from couple to one singular sensation. I couldn’t find any such guide, so I wrote one.

The toilet seat is down, but you don’t have to be! – Mrs. No More – Your first year guide to the great divide,” is my playful and sometimes painful take on divorce and an alternative to all the “self-help-me books” that offer a quick bliss after the emotional abyss. Based on my experience and bad behavior, I will share with you the skills that may or may not help you get through the firsts of the firsts you will encounter your first year as a Mrs. No More.

My e-tome offers tips, examples and samples for navigating your way through your firsts of firsts.  These “firsts” include birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and adversities.  Each month will shine the spotlight on Divas of Divorce, ASS (awkward social situations); this month is divorce history and a tale from the dark side of dissolution. You’ll come to understand what good company you’re in. Relief is just a click away at


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