It’s your anniversary – not


If you tied the knot on Christmas Eve


It was a nice day for a white wedding.  Tonight you spend your first anniversary/Christmas Eve without the funny man whose Stuffed Stocking no longer hangs from the whatever.

Fear not sister, for the spirit of the stocking stuffer of the future is with you.  Before long, you’ll wish you were bare foot again.  Don’t worry about being without a Man, cause unlike an unwanted gift, he cannot be easily returned.  Relish your alone time or better yet give it away to someone who has it a lot worse than you.

Christmas, they tell us, is ‘the most wonderful time of the year’.  What they don’t tell us is what we’re supposed to do when it isn’t. As the cards and carols like to remind us, Christmas is a time for families and togetherness, peace and well-being for all. If only the problems in life paid more attention to the songs on the radio.

It’s easy to want to echo the Grinch’s sentiment — “I must find a way to keep Christmas from coming!” There are some years when Christmas is more than we can do.  But more often, going into hibernation for a month isn’t a realistic plan.  Christmas is coming, with or without our permission.  So how do you face the season when it doesn’t look the way it used to?

If your circumstances have changes, remember that your plans and even your traditions can change too. This can be hard to explain to other family members, but stick to your guns.  If there is an event, even a family dinner that you’re already dreading politely decline.  The best part of being an adult is being self-determinant.  There are few things that are mandatory — like paying taxes and making sure your kids eat — but there are fewer than you might think.  This is supposed to be your season too, take back some control if you need to.


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