Office Christmas Party


320546_10152296457200705_1510288469_nSome of you might have the misfortune of working for the same company as your ex.  You’ve thought about quitting but realize that you need the income now more than ever.  It’s bad enough the whole office is aware of the situation and some may even have taken sides.  If your ex is boss, you might have already been transferred to another department or banished to the darkest corner cubicle.

You’ve tried to make the best of it, while your resume flounders in career cyberspace in hopes of landing another job without having to explain too much about your reasons for seeking new employment.  So far, you haven’t had much luck, as employment opportunities in your field are scarce.

The office is decorated for the season.  The email that the Christmas party will be held in a nearby Hotel banquet room appears on-screen.  If you don’t go – everybody will notice.  And if you decide to attend – everybody will notice.

After much discussion with your trusted friends, you decide to attend.  You know he is going to bring a date.  Said date could be the woman he left you for.  Worse, she could be his assistant.

You’ve enlisted your best girlfriend to attend and vow not to drink too much.  You nixed the idea of bringing a play-date because you just don’t feel like pretending to be enamored with an acquaintance or a neighbor which could spell trouble later.

The party is in full swing when you arrive.  Your co-workers have brought their spouses and significant others and have formed a Congo line.  Sweat beads appear on your forehead.  You’re about to turn and run, when your ex who has clearly had too much holiday cheer grabs you and plants a wet one on your lips and attempts to pull you into the Congo line.  He laughs and points to the doorway where several branches of mistletoe are hanging.  A hush takes over the room as everyone focuses on what they hope to be a holiday smack down.  He says, “Ho Ho Ho. No hard feelings, right baby?”

Do you: A. Play it off and whisper to him, “how low can you go,” before taking a place at the end of the Congo line.

B.  Reach for the mistletoe and stuff it in his mouth.

C.  Grab your girlfriend by the arm and leave before you commit a felonious assault.

D.  Pat him on the cheek, wish him Merry Christmas and join the party.

Answer: D. Always take the high road whenever possible.

If you and your ex did not work together, attend your company party.  You never know who your colleagues might bring to the bash.  Let everyone see that you are just fine and looking forward to the holiday.

Remember what happened to him last year….09sexy-and-funny-xmas-pics

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