Home Alone?


mary-poppins11The first holiday alone can only be made worse if you insist on becoming the Ghost of Christmas past.  Don’t watch old home videos or thumb through old holiday cards and photos.  You’ll just end up crying and/or cursing you, him, God and everybody in between.

Although you may wish you were at the North Pole right about now, you can get through the cavalcade of commercials and holiday specials.  Avoid them all together if the pain is too much.  One I wouldn’t skip is “A Christmas Carol.”  If you’re feeling bah humbug about the whole celebration, this tale will remind you what the holiday is all about.

If you find yourself facing the holiday alone and you want to be alone, so be it.  If you can’t face your family or your siblings and their offspring, but don’t want to stay home and watch It’s A Wonderful Life  a dozen times, then make a like a reindeer and disappear.  Behold, I bring you travel tidings of great joy:

Christmas Cruise – Unlike Noah’s Ark, not everybody aboard will come in pairs.   Put the word out that you’re looking for a travel mate, if you’re not ready to cruise solo.  You’ll be amazed how many of your single friends would relish skipping the family gathering and the assorted fruit cakes that show up every year.

Christmas in Cancun, Cabo or the Caribbean, Yah Man! –  Make any island your Christmas Island.  You’ll enjoy the locals and return with a fabulous tan, and memories of mistletoe under the stars with an island elf.

Most resorts do fill up around the holidays, so plan early.  Once you’re there, enjoy a day at the spa (no waxing), a Jet Ski and para-sailing.  Invigorate yourself.

Visit a friend in a far off land, or another city

If you’ve been tied down for years or decades doing the same ole holiday hooray, it’s time to go see how your friends do it.  Pick a friend who is also alone.  If you’re in need of a reality check, spend the holiday with a friend whose children bear no resemblance to angels from above.   Whether you crave chaos or comfort, seek it out.


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