Season’s Greetings







If you always sent out those lovely and sometimes cheesy family Ho Ho ho photo cards, don’t let your divorce detour you from another family photo–op with a twist.  Get all dolled up and have a family photo taken with the finest mall Santa you can find.  Some big city malls feature a shirtless Santa just for the ladies

Childless ladies can do the same thing.  Resist the urge to dress up you and your pets in identical outfits for your greeting card.  I know how much you love your pets, but a glam shot of you sitting on the old man’s lap is a better way to go.  Be your own Santa baby.

You may just say, “Oh what the heck”, I don’t feel like decking anything except my ex-husband.  Suddenly the scene from When Harry Met Sally of Meg Ryan dragging a Christmas tree down the street pops into your head.

Who needs that?  Maybe you do.  Maybe you don’t.   It’s up to you.


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