Happy Hanu Christ Kwan



Happy Hanu Christ Kwan

(Hanukkah Christmas Kwanzaa)

Now that the politically correct greeting is out-of-the-way, as the saying goes: write what you know.  After more than over forty years of decking the halls, I know a little about the commercialization and true meaning of Christmas.

The holidays in general are supposed to be a time of reflection and thoughts of peace on earth – goodwill toward men.  That last stanza could test your faith right about now.  No matter where you are in the divorce calendar year, the holidays can provoke feelings of fear, loneliness, depression and wanting to just end it all.

The most wonderful time of the year can leave you feeling dreadful if you are not prepared. If you are religious and surrounded by a congregation, family and friends, God bless you.

For the rest of us heathens, former followers, empty nesters or no nests at all gals the sights and sounds of the season could drive one to the brink of insanity. Everybody seems to be in a good mood expect you.  You just want to crawl into bed until January 2.  But you can’t.  You have obligations.  The mall is calling.  Invitations arrive.  Your mother is calling.

Worse case scenario – nobody is calling and no invites or greeting cards can be found in you mail box.


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