National Adoption Month


Adoption Awareness Month

Soon after my divorce I sought the help of a psychologist in the hope of finding some hope.  No matter what mental dilemma I discussed, her response was, “That’s normal given your circumstances.”

At $150 an hour, normal was getting costly.

One session I decide to broach a subject that had been killing me inside.  I just turned forty and the prospects of having a child weren’t looking so good for me.

After my therapist handed me a fresh box of Kleenex, she leaned in and said, “You can always adopt.  One of my clients just adopted a little girl from China.”

I guess that’s why she gets paid the big bucks – to state the obvious.  Maybe she forgot that I was getting over a divorce and not a lobotomy.  I’m no expert on the subject, but if I was going to adopt a child, I think I would start closer to home as there are too many children in America who are waiting to be adopted.

Besides, I had adopted a crazy dog just weeks before.  She came to be known as Dolly, the divorce dog, and this woman was ready to send me to China? At least with a dog, you have the option of finding it a home, if you felt you and the canine weren’t a good match.  The same rules don’t apply to children (unless you consider abandonment an option – which I do not).  That was my last session.  I was having a tough time adopting a new attitude let alone a human being.

Adoption is serious business and a truly selfless act.  For those who have adopted children, bless you.  For those childless and in need of something to love, start small and purchase a gold-fish or a Chia pet.

The moral of my story is: Don’t do anything life changing as your own life is in transition.  A child is not a puppy or a kitty.  If loneliness is driving you loony, volunteer at an animal shelter or your local Boys and Girls club.  You’ll make a difference in the lives of four and two-legged creations that may need love more than you do.


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