Love is a Battlefield


War does not determine who is right, war determines who is left.

Whether you feel that you were honorably or dishonorably discharged from your marriage service – you are a Veteran of Divorce.

Even though it’s a safe bet that your divorce papers were not signed at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month at the Palace of Versailles, France, you are a Veteran of the Battle of the Break-up.

For the lucky few who saw no combat and came through the battle unscathed, consider it your patriotic duty to visit with those who were wounded in the fight.

The combat is over but many may be suffering from post traumatic divorce stress and other casualties of war.

Unfortunately, this country does not honor us with a legal holiday, parades, words of praise, or metals.

So as we see fit to honor our women and men who gave their service or their lives to keep freedom ringing, let’s take a moment to honor those for whom the wedding bell no longer tolls.

Skip the Veteran’s Day sales (or go for the early bird specials) and honor yourself and those who have served in the military of matrimony.

This can be a simple gesture or an honor guard affair depending on the number of your close Veteran friends.  For the inaugural event, try and keep it simple by hosting a Pretty Metal party.

This will give you and your friends something to do with your hands while you exchange war stories.  And if you can’t rally the troops, craft a few on your own and hand deliver ‘em to your emotionally disabled comrades.

Suggested honors:

Good Conduct

Awarded to the divorcee who in the face of public humiliation opted to take the high road and held her head high.


Awarded to the divorcee who showed the greatest restraint without a restraining order.  

Prisoner of War

Awarded to the divorcee who endured the longest divorce.


Awarded to the divorcee who didn’t see the divorce coming, but quickly regrouped and was victorious in the settlement.

Purple Heart

Awarded to the divorcee who survived the most vicious attacks on her person.  This could be in the form of being left for another woman, man, the nanny, the neighbor or discovering that her husband had a child during the course of the marriage.

Salute you and others for being survivors in a war that is rarely recognized and its casualties too often forgotten.   


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