A Fall From Intention


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Below is an excerpt of what else?  Love gone real wrong….A Fall from Intention, by yours truly.


“I’m pregnant,” Savannah said as she downed the remains of her sake and polished off her fifth octopus-marinated bay tako.

The sight of raw anything made Radley nauseous. He couldn’t wait to get home and eat some properly prepared dead food. “Who’s the lucky Tuna Roll?”

“Don’t be daft. That’s why we’re here. In Japanese, Koi means a longing feeling for a specific person. Koi is always wanting. Koi is love.”

Radley stood up and placed three one hundred dollar bills on the table.  “There’s nothing coy about you.”

Page had not seen Savannah before the taping. She attempted to get comfortable on the overly down couch. Savannah entered the set carrying a hardback copy of Tick Tock and flopped down on the opposite corner of the couch.  Every bit the modern day, Twiggy,  she slithered over to Page who bent down and sneezed on Savannah’s leopard print skinny jeans.

“It’s a good thing I’ve had my flu shot,” Savannah said as pulled out a tiny bottle of  hand sanitizer from the fold of the coach and spritzed herself all over, before doing  the same to Page.

“I’m sorry.  I’m allergic to perfume.”

“I feel the same way about books,” Savannah said as she ran her hair through her blond bob.

Page leaned over and whispered, “I thought we could talk about the chapter on…”

Savannah interrupted, “I can handle this.”

“And in four, three, two…” the director cued Savannah.

“Welcome back to IT. I’m pleased to have seated next to me author and coach of life, Page Hill-Moore. Savannah holds up the book.  According to her latest tome, Tick Tock we are already late for everything and everybody.”

The applause sign lit up and the audience claps wildly. “Thank you Savannah, it’s a pleasure to be here.”

“Before we proceed and in the interest of full disclosure, I must reveal that Miss Page is married to the executive producer of this show, Radley Moore.  According to your book, Tick Tock, time is not on our side.  I think Mick Jagger would disagree, don’t you?”

“No expiration date is the same.  A dying person does not wish they had spent more time shopping.” Page responded.  “They wish they had spent more time with family and friends.”

The audience applauds.

“I want to die in Harrods.”

The audience laughs.

“You’ll find several chapters on the importance of quality time and relationships that…”

“Let’s get personal, Page.  You’ve been out and about promoting your book.  Your husband is always here.  I venture to say, I spend more time with him than you do.  When do you two find the time to do the do?”

“I agree.  According to my husband,  you require tons of tutor time regarding most topics, with the exception of all things cosmetic.  My husband and I value quality verses quantity time.  We always make time for play  dates.”

Savannah had to wrap this segment up before she vomited.  She’d been sick all morning. She flips to one of the post-it marked chapters in the book.  “Talk about the chapter, Let Go My Egg-o. Women are buying and selling their yolks like an IPO.  Sounds a lot to me like capitalism at its finest.”

Page could feel perspiration drops under her arms. Why is she attacking me? This was supposed to be a fluffy segment. She could appreciate being grilled about her theories from someone who had at least reads books, but not by someone who considers clothing labels short stories.

“You’re childless. Why don’t you adopt? You and your husband can certainly afford the colors of the rainbow,” Savannah said as she swallowed acidic bile.

“That’s a personal decision.  At this time in our lives, my husband and I feel it would be selfish to bring a child into our controlled chaos.  If and when my husband and I decide to have an addition to our family, it will be with much thought and planning. It’s not like adding an extra bathroom.”

“Good thing some of our mums couldn’t wait until they were ready. “

Radley watched the interview from the control room. He had to keep it together until he paid off her contract and found a new IT Girl.  If all went according to plan, Savannah would be gone when he and Page returned from Bali.

He’d instructed his assistant, Blair to put the word out that a search was on for a new host. A fresh face. A new IT face. He was confident that a year from now, Savannah would be on Dancing With The Stars.


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