Divorce Diva of the Month


Deidre Hall: actress, born Halloween, 1947

Like sands through the hourglass…so are the divorces of Deidre Hall.  For all those who have ever said, My life is like a soap opera, Ms. Hall’s may not quite be life imitating art.  But she was married three times on “Days of Our Lives” and in real life, four.

She had a twin sister on the soap and indeed is a twin (her sister, Andrea played her evil twin, Samantha on the soap).

Deidre starred as herself in the television movie, “Never Say Never:  The Deidre Hall Story.”  It was a bit of a family affair, as her sister player herself and her third husband wrote the teleplay.

Based on her true story, the movie focused on her numerous attempts to get preggers and how she finally went surrogate and got two sons.

Alas, hubby four didn’t last. Today she still has her sons, her sister and gets to celebrate her birthday either dressed as herself, her character, her sister or a combination of the three.


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