Day of the Dead Divorce Party


It’s been said that divorce is like a death – more like the living dead, because he’s still alive and you’re the one who feels like you’re dying inside.  What if he was dead?  Well, then you’d be a widow and wouldn’t need this book.  You’d be mourning the moron, as well as your old life.

Most popular in Mexico, the Day of the Dead honors – well the dead with a party.  Here’s an idea, have your fiesta in honor of your dead divorce.  Not to be confused with a divorce party, which has become passé.

You can throw your Day of the Dead Divorce Party on Halloween and have you and your divorced friends come dressed as their favorite dead person.

You can serve traditional South American fare such as quesadilla, guacamole, Tostitos, nachos and your favorite beverages.  Order a piñata and have it stuffed with fun trinkets for your guests to take home.  You can customize your piñata. The possibilities are endless.

Channel your Martha Stewart and make Sugar Skulls for your guests to suck on.  You’ll scare the hell out of the trick or treaters and your friends can take home a party favor.   You’ll find many recipes for the skull on dozens of web sites.

If you’re feeling really creative, and have held on to a few tokens from your ex, paste them on to the skull.  You and your friends can raise your skulls and glasses in a toast to the end of your divorce.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?  You’ve combined two holidays into one.  Enough of the scary stuff – this month isn’t just about you ex-foliating and dressing up.

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