Body Buddy


October 18th – Love your body day brought to by NOW (the National Organization for Women)

One day dedicated to self-love?  As women, we spend a lifetime of loathing some or all of our body parts.  So much has been said and written on the body topic that I don’t feel I have much to add – except to say that the message is always the same and the messenger is almost always skinny and camera ready.

I cannot think of one magazine aimed at the female reader that does not bombard us with unrealistic images of beauty and body.  How many times have we seen an outfit geared for the over thirty or forty lady being modeled by a minor?

Every television and print outlet runs exposes on everything from plastic to gastric surgery with some doctor inevitable claiming that, “You must be whole inside in order to feel better on the outside” before he agrees to slice you up like a pumpkin.

Kudos to the ladies of NOW, which was founded on October 29, 1966, just one day shy of Halloween for exposing the masks we women have been forced to wear for centuries.

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