The land before hands


Ever get that fossil feeling?  Out of the blue you wake one morning and feel an odd kinship with the dinosaur.  As your day progresses you fear you are headed toward extinction and don’t know how to stop this change in your emotional evolution.

Suddenly you find yourself wandering around a Natural History museum, clueless as to how you got there.  School-age children surround you, listening with boredom as the docent explains the history of the female tyrannosaurus.  Your first thought is how thin and tall she must have been in her youth.

You fear that you are slowly losing your prehistoric mind.  You saw Jurassic Park forever ago.  Are you having a flashback? Or unknowingly celebrating dinosaur month?

It’s only fitting that you relate to the dinosaur’s fate during this first year of transition.  It took approximately 65 million years for people to appear after the dinosaur disappeared.

Meeting someone new seems like it will take about the same amount of time.  Just remember that some scientists believe that birds are direct descendants of certain dinosaurs.

Tthe next time you are feeling like a relic, just image yourself evolving into a you-can Toucan.


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