If you were a tree…


This Halloween, try something new.  Why not dress up as a tree – not just any tree, but your favorite deciduous tree to demonstrate how you are in the process of losing old leaves in preparation for the new you.

If you were a deciduous divorce tree, what kind would you be? 

Regardless of the kind, you may feel like foliage that has fallen and you can’t get up.  Don’t chop yourself down just yet. Image you are a tree – strong and resilient.  If you were to dress like a tree this Halloween, what kind of tree would you be?  Some tree costumes for your consideration:

Wild Cherry

If you’re feeling a bit wild, dress yourself in a red body suit and wear a headdress filled with white flowers and red leaves.  Give Carman Miranda a run for her bananas.

Willow-leaved pear

If you’re feeling more like a trunk, then dress like a pear and Afro out your hair.

Gum Tree

Get up the gumption and dress as this evergreen with a recording of Barbara Streisand singing Evergreen on continuous play.

Honey Locust

Get your kung fu on and dress as a large grasshopper or a honey bee covered in leaves.


If you’re feeling a little sickly and pale, then this tree is for you.  If your friends ask you what you are, reply “I’m a salloween.”


Dress in black, and make sure your foliage consists of sculls and cross-bones as all parts of this tree are poisonous and you’re in no mood to be tricked with.


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