A Trick of a Treat


Peter Peter pumpkin Weiner,
Had a wife and couldn’t keep her!
He put his seed inside her shell,
pretending that she was  male.

A Tale from the Literary dark side

Best selling author Terry McMillan most likely has another hit on her hands, if she pens the story of her romantic courtship, marriage and divorce from her ex-husband.  Actually, she pretty much covered the romance in How Stella Got Her Grove Back.

If I were to write the fictional sequel, I’d call it How Stella Got Played.   It seems that her husband didn’t know he was gay (nor did she apparently) when he met the author in his native Jamaica.  She was on vacation and he, twenty-three years her junior was working at the hotel where she stayed and they started a groovy kind of love.  Soon after returning to the states, she sent for her Harlequin Jamaican.  The happy couple married three years later – the same year Stella was published.

Timing is everything and, seven years after they were married and he had become an American citizen, her husband realized that his taste in gender had changed.  Feeling patriotic, he went on “Good Morning America,” accompanied by his attorney and proceeded to attack his soon-to-be ex-wife, calling her homophobic for not being sympathetic enough about his change of genital venue.  Suddenly the woman who gave this man a life he couldn’t have dreamed of was being portrayed as Terry Mc Villain.  It’s enough to make a sister stage a disappearing act.   He also tried unsuccessfully to challenge the prenuptial agreement. Ms. McMillan got to exhale when the divorce was finalized on October 4, 2005.

Happy Birthday day, Terry!  I hope you’ve found a great pumpkin!


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