October Flower Power


October Flower Power: Calendula (marigold)


It is said that the birth flower tradition began during the Roman Empire. The Calendula, or marigold, was given by friends and family to celebrate those with a birthday in the month of October.

The Calendula was used by the early Christians who would place this beautiful, bright flower next to statues of the Virgin Mary. They called it Mary’s Gold. It was also considered a sacred flower during ancient times in India, where the flowers would be placed around the necks of holy statues.

Birth Flower Meaning

The colors of the Calendula flower are yellow or orange, which represent the path of  the sun throughout an autumn day. It is thought that the flower holds all of the sunlight of autumn. Those with an autumn birthday are said to be warm, friendly and easy going.

Hidden Message — Language of Flowers

The Victorians’ hidden message in sending the Calendula flower was, “My thoughts are with you.” In the language of flowers the Calendula flower means “winning grace.”

Flower Symbolism

The symbolic meaning of the Calendula flower is grief, despair and sorrow.

Don’t tell that to  Marigold.^


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