Reaping and Weeping


You reap what you sow is a simpler of way of referring to a quote in the Biblical New Testament, in Paul’s letters to the Galatians. This is often just referred to as Galatians. Galatia was located in what is now Turkey.

The specific quote in the King James Version of the Bible is “whatsoever a man soweth, that he shall also reap.”

Farming metaphors obviously worked very well in societies much dependent on agriculture and the idea of “you reap what you sow,” is that people can expect to harvest the fruit of their behavior, just as farmers expect to harvest the crops that they plant.

Therefore, people who go through life “sowing’” kindness and goodness to others, will often be rewarded for their behavior, if not on earth than in eternal life, and those who sow bitterness may face punishment.

When we’ve been wronged, we want to believe that some day, somehow those who did the wrong will pay somehow, some way for crimes against us.  If you visualize your alimony payments as restitution you have indeed reaped.

You might be consumed with thoughts of reaping what you sowed in the marriage, i.e. the years you spent sowing for your future with your now ex.  Your marriage crop died and your individual crop has yet to harvest.

It’s time to sow new seeds and discover what you want to reap for your well-being and your future harvests.

Get sowing.


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