Like sands through the hourglass…


End of summer thoughts

The kids are back at school and you can put away that swimsuit for another year and cheer that you made it through your first summer sans a significant other.

Some of you may have taken full advantage of having fun in the sun, while some of you may have drowned your sorrows in wine coolers.  Either way, you’ve made it through without drowning in your emotional swimming pool.

Summer nights are tough when you’re out for a stroll and it seems that everyone except you has someone – to hold on to.  Just remember you were one of those couples too.

Seeing is not always believing when it comes to what’s really going on between those clinched hands.  Remember when you strolled the streets hand in hand with your man, having mastered the art of whispering obscenities while smiling?

Next summer you may find yourself once again watching the sun set with a new somebody or better yet, be able to enjoy the sand all by yourself.


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