When Opposites Attack


The theory that opposites attract is a myth, say a group of U.S. scientists who have found men and women are more likely to choose partners who are similar — or they believe are similar — to themselves.

Both sexes are most likely to attract individuals who look like them and have the same wealth, social status and share the same outlook towards family and fidelity, the new research suggests.

Previously, it had widely been thought that women who saw themselves as very attractive preferred socially dominant men, and men who were confident socially and economically looked for the most attractive women.

Was your marriage held together by crazy glue?
Was it love at first sight?  Did you and your  ex think  love would keep you together?  Was it a nice day for a White wedding?  Straight jackets are white too. Did you wear those?
Love means never having to say,  I was subjected to a 72-hour hold.

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