BFF – Beware



Having a dear female friend is like no other.  She is someone to share your deepest most intimate thoughts and fears with.  When times get rough, she’s there to smooth things over.  You laugh together, cry together, shop together, etc.

If you curse your ex, she quickly steps in and adds her own creative put downs.  And when you were going through your divorce she was there with the DVD’s, Doritos and margaritas.

In short, you have each other’s backs.  When you think of great friendships, you think Oprah & Gayle, Laverne & Shirley, Lucy and Ethel, and Heather and Denise come to mind. Okay scratch that last one.

It’s my guess that Heather Locklear and Denise Richards didn’t celebrate  Women’s Friendship Day (September 17) together.

Just two months after filing for divorce from her husband Richie Sambora, Heather and the world learned that her “friend” and neighbor, Denise, was strumming her fate with Richie’s fingers.

Shame on her for breaking the unwritten girlfriend’s rules of engagement: never get involved with a friend’s ex without written permission.

Never mind the fact that when Denise was going through her divorce, Heather gave her strength and support.   What a pal.


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