When Boob things happen to Bad men



A labor of love has been described as displaying acts of kindness, courtesy, mercy and mitzvah.  It is the performance of an act without compensation or material reward.

In the case of the newly divorced, this task can be nearly impossible when the recipient of this love labor is your ex.

You don’t have to be Mother Teresa in order to show him that you really don’t want him six feet under.

For example:

He’s been hospitalized following a man boob reduction gone terribly wrong.

Do you:

A. Praise the Lord

B. Bring him a bra.

C.  Buy him a nipple

D. Put aside your pride and visit him bearing sweets you know he can’t have.

Answer:  D: Call him to find out how he’s doing.  If he is in a relationship that’s enough labor – if he’s not, sincerely ask if he needs anything and visit him.

You might need him if your balloons burst one day.


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