Single, Ask me How


Wanted:  Any Man, Single and Free – if it’s September 19 through the 23 it must be National Singles Week!

Romance may still be on your mind from last month’s musing, but I don’t make these things up.  Rest assured you are not alone in being alone.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2005, approximately 89.8 million of us were unmarried and/or single (age 18 and over).

Sounds good until you realize that fifty-four percent of the un-coupled are women.  But you already knew that by your own research, in the form of your divorced or never married female focus group (a.k.a. girlfriends).

In honor of singles week, gather the girls and go out.  Party like it’s 2002. Get funky, get loose.  Just don’t drink too much Grey Goose.

If you can’t remember what happened the next morning,  look at the photo posted on your FB page by your BFF.


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