Me, me, me!!!



Self-Awareness & Self-Improvement Month

For the newly divorced the bookshelves are filled with how you can turn any tragedy into   triumph; see your divorce as the road to your true destiny;  divorce as discovery; divorce as divine intervention; divorce as getting to know you; divorce as becoming a better you and really, really liking you when nobody else does.

You can continue to shrink your pocket-book at the shrink’s office, or sit down with pen and paper and do the math.  I feel the need here for another personal disclaimer – therapy has its time and place.  I tried it myself.  It felt like I was paying someone to listen to me, when my family and friends had heard enough.

My mother suggested I do what I do best – talk to myself. Nobody knows me better than me. When I got honest with myself, I knew exactly what went right and what went wrong in my marriage.

To quote Gladys Knight,” neither one of us wants to be the first to say goodbye.”

 That’s why the Summons was invented.


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