First Year Divorce Economics – Part Four of Four


Being a sudden single female may make for a good premise in a bad sitcom, but it evokes real drama living without his income.

Panic can easily take over along with its cousin denial.  You may fall into that somehow, some way everything is going to be okay syndrome (this was my special place.)  In the meantime, you decide to keep doing whatever it was you were doing when you had that extra paycheck.

If he did provide it, you are determined not to deny yourself anything at this point in time.  Indulgence is not a bad thing, but delusion over indulgence can lead to disaster and a slew of “I told you sos,” from your mother.

I realize you have a lot on your plate during this time of if it feels good, just do it phase. So here’s a simple way to try and start and/or stay within your means:

Buy on sale

Use cash and stash those credit cards

Don’t spend what you don’t have

Get real

Earn more and spend less

Treat yourself without committing personal treason

If women in fact live longer than men, view your current situation as getting a head start on living out your golden years without a Golfer.  Become your own homeland security by investing in yourself, so that if and when you do decide to take the marital plunge again, you won’t have to count on him to take care of you – because he’s probably going to die before you, which is why bag-man syndrome doesn’t live in a man psyche as he is too busy worrying himself about dying and/or being laid off.

Common cents…pass it on.


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