First Year Divorce Economics – Part Three


Bag Lady Syndrome

I don’t know who coined the phrase, but fear of financial disaster is not new; it just has a new name as it pertains to older, suddenly single women.

Take the newly divorced you for example.  For all we’ve been taught, if we’re honest, most of us baby boomers still harbored the secret desire to have a career and a man as our financial back-up plan.  We could count on his income as if it were an expense account.

Sadly, for most of us, that account has been closed and it may leave us feeling one alimony or paycheck away from trading our designer bags for paper or plastic.

If you’re reading this, I believe you have enough common sense to know that if you spend more than you take in, you might find yourself out in the cold with a nice wardrobe.

I suggest dressing down if your goal is a handout.


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