First year Divorce Economics 101


Part One

You’ve been downsized

I’ve purposely stayed away from the “whys” of divorce.  But it’s important to note that numerous studies have concluded that money matters was the No. 1 reason why most couples untied the knot.

The sooner you face the fact that your financial situation has been altered the sooner you’ll be able to come to terms with a new budget, if you haven’t done so already.

At first, you’ll find it hard to accept  that you can no longer count on a significant other’s paycheck.  You are a party of one and must conduct yourself as such.  If you got the house and the kids are out – sell it if the market is hot.  Who needs the memories or the maintenance?

If you were too busy journaling while your then-husband was the one keeping the financial books, it’s time you switched from fiction to non-fiction.

You can feel lucky and hope to win the lottery.  You can hope that your future fully loaded Mr. Right is conducting a search and rescue for you.  You can wish for a windfall.  If you choose any of these, may I suggest you incorporate prayer and palm readings to assist you in the aforementioned endeavors.


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