She made B.C. Sexy


Divorce Diva of the month

Raquel Welch:  actress/bombshell, born September 5, 1940

I was just a kid when I first laid eyes on Raquel Welch clad in her teeny weenie prehistoric bikini in the movie, One Million Years B.C.  I was grateful that beautiful Amazonians and the T. Rex were extinct.  I was right about Rex and wrong about Raquel.

She was hotter than lava back in the day and that movie poster adorned the walls of teenage boys and single adult males everywhere.  She did for brunettes what Marilyn Monroe did for bottled blonds.

So one would think the man lucky enough to call this Goddess his wife would do anything short of committing a capital offense to hold on to that cleavage. Apparently, husband No. 1 didn’t get the memo. After fives years of marriage and two children, Mr. Welch was history.

Never a quitter, Ms. Welch walked down the aisle twice more, thinking that three would be the charm.  The final course was divorce from No. 3, a restaurateur.  She should have stuck with the cavemen.


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