Let’s talk about Sex


So you’ve had a nice evening being wined and dined, and now it’s time to say goodnight – do you leave your date with a peck on the cheek or do you invite him in for a ‘night cap’?

If you’re over 30, chances are he is going to get lucky, as a recent study has discovered that women aged 30 and over are more likely to have sex after a first date.

According to research by DateWithaMate.com, 34% of women aged 30 and over would get intimate with someone after a first date compared to 14% of women aged 20 to 23 and 12% of 24 to 27-year-old’s.

Similarly, the study also found that women over 30 (if they didn’t go the whole way on the first date) are more likely to take the plunge on a second date compared to younger daters.

Nearly half (42%) of women aged 30 and over admitted they would definitely sleep with their date after meeting for the second time, compared to 38% of 20 to 23-year-old’s and 29% of those aged 24 to 27.

It seems that younger, twenty-whatever women prefer to wait, as 89% admitted they like to wait until the third date before they slept with their prospective partner.

Would admit having sex after the first date?  Or take the fifth?  The fifth, being what you consumed before you blacked out and your thong was gone.


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