All things being Equal


Since 1971, August 26 has been designated Women’s Equality Day to commemorate the 1920 passage of the nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution, granting women the right to vote.

It took an act of Congress for us to be proclaimed equal, if only for one day.

The beginning of the resolution reads as follows:

WHEREAS, the women of the United States have been treated as second-class citizens and have not been entitled the full rights and privileges, public or private, legal or institutional, which are available to male citizens of the United Stated; and…

I realize Congress didn’t have dating in mind when it gave us our day, but the scales of dating justice do not always tip in our favor.

For example:

Good news: On paper – we are equal.

Bad news: We are not made of paper.

Good news: Forty is the new thirty.

Bad news: Most forty-year-old men still want a woman thirty or under and they are not afraid to ask for ID.

Good news: Older women dating younger men.

Bad news: Jennifer Lopez and Madonna are not equals.

Good news: Internet dating

Bad news: Internet dating

Good news: Your chances of meeting a man today are better than your chances of being a victim of a terrorist attack.

Bad news: Dating can be terrorizing.

Equality is tricky when it comes to dating.  I expect a man to pay for dinner on the first and last date.   Is that so wrong?

Gender expectations have become so confusing that neither side knows how to act at times.

If you look like a movie star, chances are the dating scale will definitely be tipped in your favor at first.  But don’t we all know a drop-dead gorgeous woman who is single?

The reason why a gazillion books have been written on the art of finding and keeping love is because nobody has a clue.

If you take the time to investigate, you’ll find that most of the “love” experts must not have followed their own advice with several infidelities and divorces under their book covers.


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