Dater Hater?


Submitted for your perusal are a few tips as you enter the dating game.

If possible, try tester dating.  These are practice men, like the ones you will likely meet if you’re brave enough to cyber date or blind date.

Don’t be discouraged in the beginning; he might be as freaked out as you.  Here’s a novel idea – try being yourself for a change.

A lot of women have spent so many years in a chameleon state of mind, they have forgotten who they are.  It’s too much work being what others want you to be. And in the end the real you is going to emerge anyway, so why not now?

See if what I’ve listed below sounds like you:


Don’t talk about your ex.

New Age

Talk about your ex if you want… You’re divorced.  He’s alive.  If your date is not interested in your past, chances are he’s not interested in your future. 


Don’t talk about yourself.

New Age

Talk about yourself.   It may be your first and your last date, but at

least you were being you.  


Accentuate the positive.

True you should always put your best pedicure  forward, but don’t overdo it.  If you can’t live up to the hype then maybe you’re just not his type. 

Be coy.

New Age

Oy!  No way.  Be yourself.  Again, if you present a package that has postage due,  you’ll be returned to sender.  That would be you.

 Watch out for Players – the only thing that changes is your bank account.


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