Divorce Diva of the month

Danielle Steel: author, born August 14, 1947

New writers are often told to write what they know.

After five marriages, Ms. Steel knows a thing or two, three, four or five about romance.

She’s written more than sixty books and is in the Guinness Book of Records for a 381 consecutive week run on the New York Times best seller list.

Ms. Steel’s life would make for a good novel.  The title of her books traces her love life thus far.

Ms. Steel’s first put on the ring  in 1965 when she wed her first husband.  He is the daddy of her first child but their journey of love came full circle in 1974 and Danielle found herself back in the dating game vowing to love again.

She thought she’d found passion’s promise and a second chance when she fell in love and married for the second time, but the promise of now and forever was short-lived for Danielle and she found herself once again having to take another leap of faith  while she waited for her answered prayers. 

Tired of toxic bachelors she shared a season of passion with husband No.3 during which time her second child came special delivery – a perfect stranger she loved from the first heartbeat. 

During all these emotional crossings, Danielle’s writing proved to be her safe harbourIrresistible forces couldn’t stop her from traveling the long road home that she knew would eventually lead her to next spouse and the house on Hope Street.  

Her family album increased fivefold, when loves’ lighting struck with husband No.4.  The loving couple lasted longer than the rest, but she once again spread her wings sans malice and found herself to be the lone eagle.

Maybe it was the kiss or echoes of the ghost of impossible dreams that she found his bright light too hard to resist – so she married him.  Would husband No.5 finally be the one to share five days in Paris and a sunset in St. Tropez?  Did she finally find her Johnny Angel? Her heart wasn’t held ransom for very long.   

Alas, marriage  No.5,  ended after four chapters, I mean years in 2002.

Steel has said that her novel The Klone and I was inspired by a private joke between herself and her last husband In 2006.

No. 5 dedicated his novel,  Sex and the Single Zillionaire to Steel.

No one can say she didn’t take chances when it came to love, but today Danielle is single and has found no greater love then the one she shares with her children.

I wish she would adopt me for her birthday and write all about me.  Is that so wrong?


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