I think…therefore, I’m single.


If you are under the age of forty, you may skip this section.

Experts say that women reach their sexual peak somewhere between the ages of forty and forty-five.  For the newly divorced in this age category, it can be akin to a sentence of solitary confinement.

Who wants to peak alone?  Resisting the urge to go looking for Mr. Peak Me now takes a lot of will power if you find yourself in the valley of the shadow of sexual depravation.  What’s a peaky woman to do?  Become a Cougar?

Whatever you do, don’t call yourself a Cougar. It’s demeaning to the large solitary species and to you.

As women, we’re already referred to as catty.  When we fight – Cat fight!

What do you call men who prey on women younger?  Rich?  Sharp? Powerful?  Bob Cats? Bob Cats are generally nocturnal and spend their days in their den or corner office. They are carnivores and prey on women size six and under.

They are preyed upon by coyotes, wolves and cougars.

So if you are a cougar, the next time you run into a Bob Cat, devour him.


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