I’ll have the Fish


For most of us, our early dating years were filled with hope and a lot of Dopes.

Trust me, they’re still out there.  Now that we’ve aged, hopefully we have gained wisdom for the pain.

If you don’t learn from your past mistakes – you’re life will seem like a series of bad reruns in high definition.

The good news is the universe has given you an opportunity to stay one singular sensation or go in search of someone to percolate around with.

Make a list consisting of two columns – the negative and positive traits of your ex.

For example:

Positive /Negative

Smart  or Smart ass?

Handsome  or Narcissist?

Joker or Jester?

Entrepreneur  or Unemployed?

Fearless or Frightening?

Attentive or Stalker?

After you’ve made your own list, you’ll observe that most good traits can be thinly disguised as bad traits.

And remember to include the things you loved then came to loath about your former significant other.

You may not know what you want, but if you’re honest about your list, you’ll surely know what you don’t want.


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