I’ll be the one in white


First dates are always nerve-wracking — that’s a given.

Society and advertising (subverting is more like it) would have you believe that it’s much harder to find love when you’re of a certain age. You are the same person you were in your twenties, thirties, forties and fifties.

Besides perhaps your waistline and his hairline, the mating game hasn’t changed much since you’ve been away.

So many questions! Where will we go? What if I’m gassy? Should I let him pay or should I offer to split the tab? What will we talk about? Will he like me? More importantly, will I like him?

All valid queries, but possibly the most pressing question any of us worry about is, what in the hell am I going to wear?

What you wear should enhance your look, not detract from it. And irrespective of what the current trend is, if it doesn’t do anything for you, don’t wear it. If hipsters are the current rage but all they succeed in doing is drawing attention to your already ample ones, stay away from them. Instead, wear an a-line dress or a top that drapes over your hips without clinging to them. If you’re in the mood for something funky and you can carry it off, go ahead.

Definitely not on the first date…

Avoid loud and flashy garments and making over-the-top style statements, at least on a first date. You can save it for later, when you’re more comfortable with the guy and want him to see other shades of your personality. Also, don’t go in for overly provocative clothes or revealing outfits, because your date might think you’re sending out mixed signals. It’s just safer to be more understated and elegant on a first date and save the displays for later.

Lady Gaga can wear a metallic pleather bodysuit, wrap-around sunglasses and peep-toe, patent-leather booties. You can’t.


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