Honorable  Divorce Diva mention  

Vivian Vance:  actress, born July 26, 1909

Died, August 17, 1979

Poor Ethel – I mean Vivian.

Long before Rodney Dangerfield proclaimed he couldn’t get any respect, the same could be said for Vivian Vance in reel and real life.

She loved Lucy less so her television husband Fred, actor William Frawley.

When Vivian was cast to play Ethel, she was actually twenty-five years younger than William.

If only Vivian and William could have gotten along half as well as their television counterparts.

They couldn’t stand to be in the same room after the camera’s stopped rolling.

It’s no wonder that she was the first person to win an Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1954.

Ms. Vance married four times.

Personal Quotes

“Champagne for everyone!” Dining at a restaurant, upon hearing of former costar William Frawley‘s death in 1966.

“When I die, there will be people who send flowers to Ethel Mertz.”


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