Me, Myself and I


Be Independent

You have nothing to fear but the fear of being alone.  Don’t let being alone stop you from doing the things you used to do as a couple or with friends, who are not always available. So this month, if you’ve always needed someone to lean on or shop with, try it alone.  You can always change your mind, but now the only excuse made is to yourself.  Start small with the following safe solo outings:

Movie – You can walk out if it’s too painful to watch and not feel guilty about leaving a friend in the dark.

Dine Solo* – You can eat whatever you want without explanation and not feel guilty.  Bring a prop if you must (book, magazine) but please oh, oh please don’t blab on your cell phone for all the world to hear how you’re dining solo and it’s so liberating that you just had to reach out and touch someone.

*Drive-thru and fast-food joints don’t count.

An event – I’ll be the first to admit that going solo to a party, museum opening – any opening – can be as intimidating as the first time you undressed in front of a man, but you did (some of you more than others), and you lived to tell the tale.

If you go it alone, your chances of striking up a conversation with another human being are almost certain.  If you bring a friend, you’ll just talk to her about how nobody is talking to either of you.

Vacation – If you’re really feeling bold, fly solo.  You’ll not only earn frequent flier miles, you might earn a membership in another flying club. All of the above is going to be good practice for next month.


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