Reunited and it feels so…


Why did you go and have to marry Herb, Peaches?

Uh, high school – footloose and fancy free, usually.

If you married and divorced your high school sweetheart, this could be a very awkward situation.

If you didn’t marry your schoolboy crush, a reunion after a divorce can feel like going to the prom alone – and some of you might have just done that or skipped the event.

Some of you may say to hell with the whole thing, and that’s your right.   But let me tell you a little story.

I went to my high school reunion after my divorce because I really wanted to see several old girlfriends.

I was having a blast with my girls and even hooked up with a former classmate that I admit, I didn’t remember from back in the day.   He didn’t last long, but it was fun nonetheless.

Back to you. If you did in fact marry your school chum and you know he’s going to show, then it’s up to you to decide.

Just remember, there could be someone there who had a crush on you or vise versa.  In any case, if you really enjoyed those years, don’t let the reunion pass you by as you will have to wait another decade.

Go and be fabulous.


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