Thanks to Ronald Reagan and the party obsessed with your vagina  – Divorce is officially nobody’s fault…

– It is irreconcilable

No doubt your divorce document sited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the disillusionment of your union.

You can thank the divorced Ronald Reagan for getting the no-fault ball rolling on July 1, 1970, when he was Governor of California.  The notion spread like wild-fire and similar laws were quickly enacted in most other states.

Some argued that Reagan was unaware that Assemblyman James A. Hayes a co-sponsor of the bill, was also a defendant in his own divorce proceedings on the grounds of cruelty.  He failed to mention this to the governor or the public.

The bill’s passage meant Mr. Hayes didn’t have to be held responsible for his actions, effectively eliminating due process. Needless to say, the divorce rate soared after the laws were changed.

A divorce use to be a court based proceeding brought forth based on the grounds of say adultery, mental cruelty, desertion, physical abuse and insanity, which sounds a lot like irreconcilable differences to me.

With the enactment of No-fault in millions of cases, the need for a hearing was eliminated.  Women used to have to take the stand and air their dirty laundry in Divorce Court.

Witnesses could be called, and both parties private behavior was racked over the coals, just like on television today.  The difference being this was reality and families were being torn apart in courts across the country.  Conversely, a whole lot of accusations were made and not proven.

Unless it’s an act of God, there is no blame.  I believe that no-fault leaves us feeling at fault whether we are or not.

We are taught as children the difference between right and wrong, good and evil and when “it’s not our fault.”

That’s why your divorce can leave you feeling lost.  According to law, it just happened – no harm, no foul – just divide your stuff and have a nice day.


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