It’s about my sister…


Hell hath no fury like a sibling scorned.  It may not lead to murder, as was the case with Cain and Abel (men have always been big on carnage), but it can make for a lifetime of bickering, bitching and backstabbing if your sister done did you wrong.

This tale begins on July 4, 1918, with the birth of twin sisters Esther and Pauline Friedman, nicknamed Eppie and Popo respectively.  Growing up the sisters were inseparable, as one might expect of twins.

The trouble started on a dance floor around 1938 when Eppie was cutting a rug with a beau named Mort when Popo’s eyes zeroed in on her sister’s man.  Before you could say shazam, Popo was engaged to Mort.

Not wanting to be left at the altar, Eppie quickly regrouped and announced her engagement to Julius Lederer, just in time for the sisters to have a joint wedding in 1939.

These two sisters continued their rivalry as Ann Landers (Eppie) and Abigail (Popo-Abby) Van Buren. It seems Eppie got wind of writing an advice column, entered a contest by the Chicago Sun-Times to replace the old Ann Landers, and got the job.  In short order, Popo quickly picked up a pen and became Dear Abby at the San Francisco Chronicle.  It was on, sister. By 1958, the twins weren’t speaking to each other and were estranged for decades.  What would Dear Abby or Ann have said about all this?

Abby (Popo) stayed married until her death and Ann (Eppie) divorced after thirty-five years of marriage, when her husband left her for a twenty-year-old nurse. Of course Lifetime made a movie.

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