Bundles of Oy


When Artificial Insemination becomes a criminal investigation

Dr. Cecil B. Jacobson fashioned himself as the Cecil B. DeMille of fertility.  If he had made a movie, it would have been titled, A Sperm for All Seasons.  In the 1980s, the good doctor ran a reproductive genetics center in Virginia.

He informed his female patients (if their husband was unable to make a deposit) that his clinic’s sperm came from only the best genitals before they were impregnated via in-vitro fertilization.  He neglected to add that the aforementioned sperm came from his own sac (you can gag).

The Sperminator, so nicknamed, may have fathered as many as seventy-five children in addition to the eight he shared with his wife.  His gene pool party was interrupted when a couple noticed that their baby daughter bore an uncanny resemblance to the good doctor.

After a DNA test confirmed that Dr. Jacobson was indeed the biological father, seven other couples in quick order discovered though DNA that the doctor was also their children’s Dad.

In 1992, a federal jury convicted Dr. Jacobson on 52 counts of fraud and perjury for artificially inseminating the unwitting patients with his own sperm.  He could have received as much as 280 years, but was sentenced to just five and had his medical license revoked.

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