A marriage taped before a live studio audience


Divorce Diva of the month

Phylicia Rashad: actress, born June 19, 1948

Who didn’t want to go grow up and become Claire Huxtable?  She managed to juggle a successful career, marriage and motherhood.  Did art imitate life for Ms. Rashad? The answer is no, but colorful nonetheless considering the real life characters that have played a part in her life thus far.  To date, Phylicia Rashad (born Phylicia Ayers-Allen) has walked down the aisle three times.

I’m not saying he was a father figure, but her first husband was a dentist as was her father.  Being the child and later a wife of a dentist definitely has its privileges.  She has a great set of pearly whites.

Long before Hillary Clinton proclaimed “It takes a village,” Phylicia married into a village, when she wed husband No. 2.  Victor Willis, then the lead singer of The Village People (he was the cop).   They divorced after two years of marriage.

Husband No. 3, hottie football star and sports commentator Ahmad Rashad, pulled out all the stops when he proposed live during a 1985 Thanksgiving football game half-time show.  Phylicia had just finished hosting duties for the Macy’s parade, high-tailed it over to the studio and accepted his proposal on the same broadcast. They married one month later with O.J. Simpson serving as best man.  Sixteen years later, they divorced.  That event was not broadcast.


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