Head Splitting?


It’s enough to make your head hurt

The second week of June is Headache Awareness Week, which sounds patronizing, since I’ve never met a soul who failed to notice when their head hurt.

Nevertheless, it’s a relevant topic for the newly divorced as you’ve no doubt experienced as many headaches as heartaches this year.  I could tell you to take two aspirin and call someone in the morning, but that would be too easy and I’m no expert.

According to the American Council for Headache Education there are two main types of headaches:  primary and secondary.

More than ninety percent of headaches are primary and caused by tension, migraine and cluster.

Secondary headaches account for fewer than ten percent and are serious business such as an infection or a possible tumor.

Let’s assume you are in the ninety percent.  If you’re like most women in their inaugural year of divorce every day is a potential headache.  This too shall pass along with the many other mind pounding maladies.  The mind is a terrible place to live as this is where our thinking too long and hard can lead to a tremendous ache, which usually leads to a good scream and/or cry.  I say – let it out.  The longer garbage stays in your head, the longer it rots and starts to stink and before you know it, spreads to your other extremities.  The best you can do this first year is stay out of your head or you’ll never get ahead.

At least you don’t have to worry about his head anymore.


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