Swimming with Suits


 As if you didn’t have enough to worry about – it’s that time  of year that strikes fear in the hearts of almost every woman over the age of eighteen – showing skin – lots of skin.  If you’re skinny, skip this section and know that your fellow divorced sisters in arms don’t hate you – they envy you.

For the rest of us, just remember this simple rule – if it doesn’t fit, you must omit.  Wear what’s right for you and not your mind’s version of the skinny you that has yet to surface.

Avoid the so-called slim suit, unless you enjoy the feeling of slowly being suffocated by latex.  Try a tan through one piece.  You’ll get the benefit of a St. Tropez all-over tan without the feeling that you are about to be arrested for indecent exposure.

If you feel the need to diet, then by all means do so.  Just remember the reason that diets don’t work is because you can’t stay on a diet forever.  What you can do is eat right most of the time.

And if you’re happy with your figure let the good thighs roll.


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