I do


A Little Wedding History

The root of the word wedding literally means to wager or gamble.  It is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word wed and had a double meaning – the price paid to the father of the bride and the groom’s intent.

Thank the Romans for Juno (June), the goddess of women and marriage, who vowed to protect those who married in her month.  Call it women’s intuition gone astray because regardless of the nuptial month, fifty percent of us mortals will break Juno’s vow.

If I do marry again,  I shall vow:

I do take you
To be my groom.
I will try hard to
Not kill you, fool.
I know you mean well.
I will try to save your soul from hell.
Always welcome
My mother into our home.
I know it kills you but,
If it weren’t for her, you’d have no love.
Come home to me every night.
Keep your nose
Out of my buying new clothes.

Always tell me that I look pretty
I don’t care if you think so, really.

And could you kiss me, too.
Maybe just once in a blue moon?
Promise to take me dancing.
Learn a little about romancing.

Remember that you are almost bald.

No, I can’t cook like your mama.
Try not to cause me trauma.
Forever true,
I do.



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