Ghost of a Chance


No man is worth killing yourself over.  But a lot of women do without resting in peace.  We want to tell the world why we did what we did.

Why do you think “The  Ghost Whisperer,” was such a hit.? Okay, maybe Jennifer Love’ Hewitt’s cleavage brought out the spirits, but whatever the case maybe, some women can’t envision a life without “him.”

 If a man can’t live without you,  he may take his own life after he’s taken yours.

As I told you in my last posting I was going to spend some fun in the sun with sister.

My surprise was a weekend at the venerable Hotel del Coronado, San Diego’s landmark Pacific resort, which has been experiencing paranormal activity for as long as anyone can remember – and with good reason.

With more than 120 years of history behind her, supernatural stories abound, most have to do with a beautiful young woman who checked in 1892 – and never checked out.

Kate Morgan, a pretty woman in her mid 20s, checked into the Hotel del Coronado alone on Thursday, November 24, 1892 (Thanksgiving evening).  During her stay, hotel employees – many of whom had frequent interactions with Kate – reported that she had appeared ill and very unhappy.  She had also told quite a few employees that she was waiting for her brother (who she said was a doctor) to join her – but he never showed up.

Five days after she checked in, Kate was found dead on an exterior staircase leading to the beach.  Kate had a gunshot wound to her head, which the San Diego County Coroner later determined was self-inflicted.

A search of her hotel room revealed no personal belongings.  In fact, there was nothing to identify “the beautiful stranger” except the name she used when she registered: Lottie A. Bernard (from Detroit).

After her death, police sent a sketch of Kate’s face and information about her death to newspapers and police stations around the country, in the hopes that someone could shed light on “the dark mystery surrounding the suicide of the unknown girl at the Coronado Hotel.”

Eventually, Lottie Bernard was identified as Kate Morgan, originally from Iowa, and the wife of Tom Morgan.  Reportedly, Tom Morgan was a gambler, who may have made his living gambling on the railroad.

After the inquest into Kate’s suicide, a gentleman came forward to say that he had seen Kate arguing with a man (thought to have been Tom) on a train en route to San Diego. The witness said that Tom disembarked before reaching San Diego, and Kate continued on to the Hotel del Coronado by herself, where, it is assumed, she waited – and waited – for Tom to join her.  When he never showed up, Kate took her own life.

**Do you dare spend the night in Kate Morgan’s room? If that doesn’t scare you, book the hotel for your next leap of faith.   The Hotel  was voted the “number-one wedding destination in America” by the Travel Channel.  Are you included in the count?

If you do wed again, don’t kill yourself planning it.


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