I’m at an age where my back goes out more than I do.


In general men don’t care about birthdays.  Women want it televised with no  age identification.  Most women lie about their age. Divorced women go into the ageless protection program.  They are so good at remaining a certain age for so long, their own mother believes them.

Depending on your birth certificate, your first birthday without the husband who never got you what you wanted can easily have you singing the Birthday Blues.  

Remember – your mother gave you a birthday.  He gave you frown lines and Victoria Secret.  Here’s a secret men – We hate Victoria Secret.  It’s a gift for you, not us.

For my first birthday after my divorce, I went to Las Vegas with my Mother, who took deathly  ill the day after we returned and was rushed to the hospital, where she stayed for 6 weeks. She pulled through.  I fell apart.

Oh, and I turned 40.

Tomorrow I will turn %#.  My sister is treating me to a slumber party at a Ritzy Hotel. I’m still single and much happier than I was years ago.   I’m optimistic about a happy ending.

If your birthday is in May you are probably one of the lucky people, whereas November babies tend to get a raw deal, psychologists say.

In an internet-based survey involving nearly 30,000 people, researchers asked how lucky people perceived themselves to be. They found that people born during the summer months had a more positive outlook on life and a significantly higher belief in being lucky than those born during the winter months.

The scientists think the difference in outlook stems from the effect that daylight hours may have on dopamine, a brain signalling chemical, and early brain development of the foetus.

May you all have a happy birthday!


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