Master Disaster


May is Disaster Preparedness Month
Be your own Relationship recovery & rescue this month and every month.  Be prepared before a natural disaster – in this case you, trauma or drama flashback takes hold:

As soon as you become aware of an emotional tornado headed your way.  Head for your personal shed (bedroom) and lock the door.  Be sure to have the following on hand:

  1. A mini bar
  2. Plenty of non-perishable snacks
  3. Batteries for your new sleep aid and a flashlight
  4. Boxes of Kleenex
  5. Computer – shopping on-line can be a life line.
  6. Make a digital diary of your disaster in progress.
  7. Post it on FB and let others share in your meltdown.  You could be on “Inside Edition.”
  8. Record your thoughts.  Express all your hopes and fears.  Play you hysteria over and over again.
  9.  Make sure to destroy the rant recording so it cannot be used against you should a mental competence hearing be required.
  10. Do not call list – let your friends and family know that you’re having a time out.
  11. Call 911 if you have fallen out of bed and can’t get up.

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