Beauty Sleep


May is better sleep month, or so says The Better Sleep Council, which wants you to know that a whole lot of us are losing sleep due to stress, worry, work, family matters and fear in general.  We need a council for this?

A divorce is guaranteed to cause sleepless nights.  The fact that you are now sleeping solo can be a blessing or curse.  If your ex-husband snored like Satan, then the simple sound of silence could cause blissfulness or restlessness.  If you were the snorer who always got knead in the middle of the night, you may wake up having found that you have kicked yourself.  You may suddenly develop a fear of the dark.  Lack of sleep will affect your appearance over time and you may look into the mirror one morning and staring back at you is Edvard Munch’s expressionist painting entitled, Scream.

Conversely, you may have suddenly developed narcolepsy and can’t seem to stay awake.  Too much sleep can leave you looking just as haggard as sleep deprivation.  My advice is to not lose sleep over sleep.  Don’t fight it.  It will come.  Here are a few safe sleep aids:

Buy a new bed

If you’re still sleeping in the marriage bed, it’s time to turn that king into a Queen.  Go for the gold, if you can afford it.  Buy a bed fit for a Queen with all the trimmings.  Get rid of all your old bedding and girly it up to the nines.  If a canopy is in order, go for it.

Thanks to the commercializing of everything, wait until Memorial Day to do your shopping. Nothing says Memorial Day like a three-day mattress sale.

Sleep in the middle of the bed

For now, there is no side of the bed (yours or his).  Claim the middle.  You’ll have plenty of room to thrash around without fear off falling off during a vivid nightmare.  You’ll avoid side dents that can cause flash backs of cuddling and/or spooning.  If you must pick a side, take your power back and choose the one that he used to hog.

Sleep solo

This may not be a choice for some, but for those with children and pets it could be a challenge.  Think of your new bed as your new crib. When you were born, you slept alone and did fine.  Just like then, baby steps, sister.

Handy sleeping tools

Don’t be coy, buy yourself a sleep toy!  You know what I’m talking about.  You can’t please everyone, so you’ve got to please yourself.  If you’re like most of the recently divorced, the last year was not filled with wild and passionate sex with your soon to be ex.  He more than likely was sleeping on the sofa or in the spare bedroom, while you lay by yourself not getting laid.  If you’re too shy to purchase a hand-held device at your local sex shop, then go on-line and shop incognito for a vibrant undercover lover.  You could purchase a back massager at your local drug store.


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