Happy Mother’s Day



If your mother is of this earth, visit her, listen to her, and love her with all your heart.  But first and foremost, don’t come empty-handed, or you’ll be talking to the hand.  Mama worked hard and she wants her just desserts.

The two of you can spend the day together and laugh about all thing Mom and talk about your wayward brother who always forgets to call, unless I remind him.

Take her out to lunch, a day spa, go shopping and buy Mom and yourselves something special. It’s time to make new memories for you and your mother, who if like most will always stand by you no matter what.

To the new divorcee Mother’s Day can bring up all kinds of issues that require tissue.  The day can be filled with joy or the horror of it all.

As with all holidays, the airwaves will be flooded with advertisements about “What he’s going to do for you on your special day?”

Visual images of happy couples and their children running in slow-mo in a field of flowers, with the camera close up on Vogue Mom smiling as she grasps the diamond circle pendent around her neck.

Yet another opportunity to say love with gems, flowers, perfume or a gift certificate.  If you have pre-school age off spring, you’ll be blessed with the simple gifts that come from this demographic including but not limited to a clay coffee cup, finger painted portrait of you or a card made of Popsicle sticks.

Your ex-husband may or may not honor you on this blessed day, even if your children try to.  If they are pre-teens, they will be clueless as to what to get you without Daddy’s dollars and transportation.  Mother’s Day may fall on his weekend and he may offer to let you keep the crew if you wish.  Depending on their ages, think about taking the opportunity of doing something for yourself.

Sounds like fun, right?  You could plan ahead if you see this as a day of dread and do whatever it is you want to do.  If you’ve leaned anything from this experience, it’s that everyday is a mother’s day, and every mother needs a day to feel joyous and free.


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