Top ten things Women loath about you, Boo


1. The Beer Gut
Not very many girls like the beer gut, because that normally means your lazy and you don’t get off your @$$ long enough to lose the gut.

2. Saggy Pants With White Guys
Why are you trying to be black? Your white for a reason Dumb@$$ quit trying to be black. Black guys can pull it off, white guys trying to do the saggy pants just piss the black guys off.

3. The Misconception Of What Women Are Here For
We are NOT your slaves. We are NOT your maids. We are NOT just a play thing. So pull your head out of your @$$ cause if your going to be with us, make sure you take care of us!

4. Lies
Okay I always get the “I’m busy,” or the “I’m just going out with the guys when I wanna hang out. I don’t know why you have to lie. Yeah it sounds better than, “I don’t wanna be with you right now,” but still just say something like, “Not today,” or “Maybe later.”

5. Being A Player
OMFG!!! I hate this! You’re either going to date me and just me, or keep walking pal! I don’t want to find out that your cheating on me or messing around with some chick! Ugh!

6. Pretending Just For Sex
Don’t say “Oh your cute,” and “Oh your beautiful” just for sex. What the *$&^?! Find a whore and quit playing with our emotions. We aren’t toys and we aren’t going to be treated as such, kay?

7. Only Caring About Yourself During Sex
Don’t just pump and dump. Take time to please us too!

8. Having No “Together” Time
I wanna spend time with you. Not just you come over to sit and watch T.V or raid the fridge or even just to have sex. Your my boo and I need you.

9. Being Seconded To “The Buddies”
Okay, you’re dating me not your friends! I don’t want to be pushed off because you wanna go hang with the guys. You shouldn’t have made plans with me then

10. Getting Told What To Do
I’m not your slave or your made so quit treating me like it! Guy:”Go get me a drink I’m watching the game!” Me: *&^^ now get your fat @$$ up and do it yourself!

These are not in order


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